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Michele Pernetta

About Fierce Grace Yoga


On November 21st 2013, Bikram North, West, City and Primrose Hill changed to our new brand Fierce Grace®.  Both our current websites will merge into one at in the near future.


Fierce Grace® is a new yoga system, and a new brand. We led the UK in the Hot Yoga revolution, by bringing Bikram Yoga to London in 1994. Now we bring practitioners the chance to achieve the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility for both body and mind. A combination of classical hatha yoga, ashtanga, bikram, power yoga, and core and upper body strengthening, and sequenced in ways that adhere to ancient yogic principles as well as the latest cutting-edge research on attaining optimum results in the minimum amount of time. Fierce Grace® is a unique series of five different classes based on the same core poses and principles, each with a different emphasis, duration and intensity.  
From the yoga shy or the injured to the most ardent yoga bunny, the five classes – Core, Classic, Fierce Grace®, Fierce (aka The Beast) and The Fix are designed to be accessible and effective for everyone. The variety of classes gives practitioners different options to suit their experience, schedule and mood whilst still working together as a whole. Show up to any class and you will still get the core poses and core hot yoga experience our studios built their reputation on. Mix and match the classes to provide a varied and interesting yoga practice.


“With Fierce Grace I have created the yoga class I always wanted to do myself. Presented in five ways which address our changing needs, it is taught in a motivating and no-nonsense way that empowers the student to become their own teacher and connects them with the backbone of real spirituality, while getting them super fit and healthy. I wanted to offer a system that excluded no one. “

Michele Pernetta, Founder and Hot Yoga teacher for over 20 years.