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Fierce Grace West

Fierce Grace City

Fierce Grace North

Fierce Grace Primrose Hill



Fierce Grace West
260 Kilburn Lane
London W10 4BA

T 020 8960 9644
F 020 8196 2396
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Fierce Grace City
53-55 East Road,
London, N1 6AH

T 020 7336 6330
F 020 7336 6339
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Fierce Grace North
173 - 175 Queens Crescent
London NW5 4DS

T 020 7692 6900
F 020 7692 6901
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NOTE: North, West and City login works on a separate login system to Primrose Hill.
Therefore a class card bought at North, West or City will not be valid at Primrose Hill and vice versa.

Nothing has changed regarding your memberships with us. Memberships at Fierce Grace North, West or City automatically give you memberships at all 3 studios! This gives you a huge number of class times to choose from, a huge variety of the best teachers in London, and a choice of locations. Fierce Grace Primrose Hill currently stands alone.

Fierce Grace Primrose Hill*
200 Regents Park Road
London NW1 8BE
T 020 7483 2000
F 020 7483 2100
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Primrose Hill is a separate studio with it's own class cards. Please visit the website for more details.


* Our Primrose Hill studio is NOT valid for the same intro offers, class cards, Groupon offers as available at our

West, North and City studios